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Kinfolk at The Green Building

Kinfolk Magazine hosted an intimate dinner at the Green Building to celebrate and channel the creative energy found in Brooklyn. We can't quite say it as beautifully as Kinfolk has put it, so we'll just let you read ahead to their words on the evening:

"Brooklyn emanates an energy that can be frenzied, frenetic and crazy-making, but this same effervescence can be channeled into collaborative magic; then, a pocket of quiet calm descends on the city. We felt this sense of surprising tranquility at our meal in the open, lofty Green Building—though we were not subdued, but rather lulled into happy contentment by a perfectly satisfying feast, a sunlit table and a room filled with warm, inspiring souls. The dinner and the social that followed were the whirlwind result of countless hands preparing, chopping, slicing, crafting, wrapping, arranging and, most of all, giving. The open-handedness of those involved in this gathering is what gave the evening a spirit of restful joy. It fed and nourished us, and encouraged us to give to one another, whether through the physicality of something we made, or by sharing ourselves across the table. Everyone came as a ready offering to their tablemates.

This attitude of gift-giving can alter a place, and it clearly poured over and out of every person present. We were graced with the generous provision of good things from around the city (primarily from neighborhoods within Brooklyn): chocolate, cheese, soap, sweet treats, greens and timeless drinks, which we happily delighted in and gave thanks for. Even while the room filled with additional faces and the darkening day’s shadows, the spirit of the space remained intact—a warm respite celebrating the work of many hands, inviting all to present themselves to the community surrounding them." - Kinfolk

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